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We are available to help your HR departments by using our covert surveillance skills to investigate dishonesty, disloyalty, and employee absence's within your company.

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Our teams of surveillance operatives will find out where your employee is going and with whom they are meeting and what they are doing. We will take photographic evidence on your target wherever and whenever. Our surveillance teams are available 24/7 and can deploy a team to suit your particular needs.

Corporate surveillance teams have from 2 to 20 agents who will follow the employee wherever they go and whatever they do. They could be on foot or in a vehicle or even get on a train.

We have skilled men and women who will carry out our surveillance services. These people are expert agents that have police or intelligence services background. High quality personnel with high quality state the art covert cameras and recording equipment to provide video and photographic proof of who the target is seeing and what they are doing and where. We will collect all of this information give it to you in a report in the format of your choice. Please contact us directly and in the confidence and privacy with you requirements.